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  • Engineering and Surveying

Terra-UAV uses industry leading software programs to produce accurate and detailed 3D models. Our data is designed for any application that requires survey-grade accuracy including: orthomosaics, digital surface models, and point clouds from aerial or oblique imagery. Our software provides seamless integration with geographical information systems, CADD, and traditional photogrammetry software.

  • Cell Tower Inspections and Audits including: 

New Equipment Audit for Space and Applicability

Group Equipment Inventory and Overall Layout

Audit Alignment of Antennas and Equipment

Line of Sight for Microwave Antennas

Connections and Serial numbers

Height of Tower and Equipment

Pre/Post Construction Audits

Vegetation Encroachment

Access Road Conditions

Contractor Closeouts

RF Engineer Audits

Safety Inspections

Quality Assurance

Top Down Views

Quality Control

Site Selections

  • Oil and Gas

Terra-UAV's  highly skilled pilots, safety officers, and Unmanned Aerial Systems capture high resolution imagery for mapping, surveying, quality control, and construction for pipeline engineering and design. Terra-UAV's safety protocols, skilled pilots and sUAS system fail-safes ensure safety while working in hazardous and challenging environments. Terra-UAV uses industry leading software programs to produce accurate and detailed 3D models for site planning and construction. Our software provides seamless integrationwith geographical information systems, CAD, and traditional photogrammetry software.​

  • Road and Bridge Inspection
  • Sensor Data Collection
  • Industrial Inspections of Pulp, Paper, Cement and Entergy Power Plants
  • Agricultural Monitoring
  • Environmental Research



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