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After a year of very intense vetting through the Federal Aviation Administration, Terra-UAV has quickly become well known as one of the larger providers of commerical drone services in the State of Mississippi and the surrounding areas. Our clients are well aware that Terra-UAV uses only the best practices with regard to safety protocols, skilled pilots and sUAS system fail-safes ensuring safety while working in hazardous and challenging environments. Terra-UAV uses industry leading software programs to produce accurate and detailed 3D models for site planning and construction. Our software provides seamless integration with geographical information systems, CAD, and traditional photogrammetry software.


Keeping this in mind, we approach our clients and potential clients with the hope that we can have both as regular customers for years to come. Terra-UAV has proven ourselves as having the most well established track record for providing inspection, survey data, and/or engineering services. Terra-UAV uses this evolving technology with a keen eye toward innovation while adaping to the times. Our work has always been met with great customer satisfaction.


To add to the advancements, UAVs, aka Drones, make our deliverables more competitively priced. Terra-UAV has all the required FAA licenses and certificates along with insurance and expect a positive response from current and future clients. As you browse our site, we are hopeful it will lead to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

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